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This form can be used if your tap water is discolored.  Before you submit a report, please consider the questions below.


  • Is it Spring or Fall hydrant flushing time?  Flushing is routine maintenance that helps remove the build up of minerals within the water main.  Please run your tap for 5-10 minutes to flush the interior lines.


  • Have City crews been working in your area?  It is rare that a boil order is issued, however crews are not always able to repair a leak while the water main is under pressure.  In those cases the crew will individually contact the homeowner either by knocking or leaving a door hanger. Click Here to see a sample boil order notice.


  • Has your home set vacant for any length of time? Water can stagnant in the lines within your home causing odor and discoloration problems.  Please run your tap for 5-10 minutes to flush the interior lines.


If your concern isn’t listed above or if the problem persists, please complete the form below.

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