Comprehensive Plan

Adopted April 16, 2001


The Washington Comprehensive Plan is the result of nearly four (4) years of extensive work by a volunteer citizen Planning Advisory Committee, City Planning Commission, consultant CH2MHILL, and City staff.

The plan replaces a previously adopted 1981 comprehensive plan and 1994 land use map.

The plan incorporates a vast amount of public input as a result of acceptance of written comments, cooperation of other local taxing bodies and authorities, and an open house held in January 2001. Over 150 interested persons from the general public attended this open house and submitted dozens of written comments. In February, the Planning Advisory Committee reviewed the public’s comments and made final revisions to the draft plan. The Washington Planning Commission reviewed the draft plan shortly thereafter and sent its recommendation for approval to the City Council. On April 16, 2001, the Washington City Council officially adopted the 2001 Comprehensive Plan.

General Description

The Washington Comprehensive Plan is a long-range guide to assist public officials in directing future growth and development in the community. The Comprehensive Plan is not an ordinance but a reflection of the community goals and objectives as expressed by the people of Washington.

The City has developed this plan as a statement for Washington’s future. Although occasional revisions will be necessary from time to time, the primary goal of the consultant, planning staff, and the citizen advisory committee was to prepare a solid plan that would lay down the foundation for community planning decisions for the next 10 to 20 years.

The Washington Comprehensive Plan should be consulted regularly by public officials and staff, municipal boards and committees, developers, local agencies and organizations, land owners, business people, and all residents of the community as they consider actions which may impact the future of Washington. The plan seeks to:

  • Establish long-range goals and objectives to guide decision-making processes regarding site-specific issues.
  • Guide future development and redevelopment of Washington in a manner consistent with the ongoing changes in economy and society.
  • Establish policies guiding future annexation decisions.
  • Guide decisions regarding development approval and infrastructure and community service investment.

The plan is available to view and download free of charge. Full-color printed copies are available to purchase at City Hall for $20 each.

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