City Clerk

Term: 2017-2021

The City Clerk is responsible for keeping the official records of the City. This includes all meeting minutes, ordinances, contracts, and resolutions.

The Clerk maintains custody, control, filing, and storage of all these records and other written and recorded documents and materials pertaining to the operation of the City.

The City Clerk attends and takes the minutes of the regular and special City Council meetings, Committee of the Whole meetings, Executive Session meetings, and Public Hearings. The Clerk also serves as secretary to the Planning & Zoning Commission and Liquor Control Commission, as well as taking and keeping meeting minutes.

The City Clerk is the administrator of Glendale Cemetery and keeps and maintains all records associated with the cemetery, including the purchasing of lots and burial transactions.

Several other duties include:

  • Updating and Maintaining the Municipal Code;
  • Serves at Freedom of Information Act Officer for the City;
  • Serves as Local Election Official;
  • Registers Citizens to Vote;
  • Acts as Notary;
  • Administers a Variety of Licenses and Permits Including Liquor Licenses, Video Gaming Licenses, Fireworks Permits, and Raffle Permits;
  • Coordinates, Prepares, and Mails City Quarterly Newsletter; and
  • Maintains Information on City Website.

The City Clerk provides prompt, courteous, and knowledgeable service, continues to ensure proper implementation of the law, and provides effective access to official records and distribution of information. The Clerk strives to maintain a professional office using modern technology, which in turn assists in working efficiently while focusing on fiscal responsibility. The Clerk also keeps up-to-date on changing laws, state statutes, and legislation by focusing on continued education courses offered through the Municipal Clerks of Illinois as well as the International Institute of Municipal Clerks.

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