Part - Time Police Unit

The City of Washington’s Part-time Police Unit is currently staffed with 10 state certified, sworn members of the department who work part-time hours throughout the year.

All members of this unit have completed the same state-mandated Police Academy curriculum as their full-time counterparts. The Part-time Police Unit was previously called the Auxiliary Police Unit which has been an active part of the Washington Police Department since the early 1930's and has undergone many changes and developments during the past eight decades.

The purpose of the Part-time Police Unit is to augment the officers of the Washington Police Department by performing such tasks that would include but are not limited to:

  • Traffic and crowd control at the City's numerous events all year long.
  • Public relations at City and civic events.
  • Patrolling the Washington Park District's and the City parks enforcing the Park District and City ordinances.
  • Patrolling the school grounds, enforcing after hours trespassing and loitering ordinances.
  • Foot patrols in the City's Historical Square Business District and shopping districts.
  • Seasonal bicycle patrol on the Bike Path, The Square Business District, Shopping Districts, and designated neighborhoods.
  • Patrol with a full-time officer as a "second officer"
  • Processing, booking and transporting arrested persons.
  • Public relations assignments at the direction of the Chief of Police.
  • Assisting the Washington Police Officers with duties such as vehicle lockouts, animal control, enforcing local ordinances and parking enforcement.
  • Emergency police service during times of disasters and local emergencies at the request and direction of the Chief of Police.
  • Conducting fingerprinting services for persons residing and/or working in the City.
  • The performance of such other support functions, as may be assigned by the Chief of Police.

Washington Part-time Police Officers must work during the busy summer months when the City has many activities and events requiring the unit. Shifts are usually on evenings and during the summer months. Part-time Officers are expected to work major holidays such as Memorial Day and Independence Day as well as City of Washington events, along with numerous parades and many other mandatory assigned events.

Recruitment Information:

The Unit is comprised of people from all walks of life and varying backgrounds. In general, most people interested in becoming a member of the Unit do so for two distinct purposes. There are people who want to give something back to the community and have an interest in law enforcement; however, they are successful and secure in their full-time profession and have no desire to become a full-time officer. Others join to gain experience and a better knowledge of policing to help them decide if becoming a full-time officer is truly a desired career choice.

Currently, certified officers can apply for part-time positions by downloading an application packet or picking one up in person at the Department.  If you have any questions about the Part-time Police Unit, please contact Sergeant Simpson via email ( or by calling (309) 444-1173.