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Child Safety Seat Program Inception

Nationally, child restraint misuse has been reported to be in excess of 80%. Child restraint manufacturers make a wide variety of designs that create incompatibility issues with different vehicles. As well, automobile manufacturers have a wide range of vehicle safety restraint systems that can also add to the incompatibility problem. Typically, law enforcement seeks change through enforcement of applicable laws. The Washington Police Department wanted to address this problem in a more positive and educational manner and have certified Officers and others as Child Passenger Safety Technicians. The certification is obtained by attending a 32-hour course established by the National Child Passenger Safety Board.

The Program

The Washington Police Department encourages parents and caregivers to come into the Washington Police Department for a "check-up" of their child's restraint seat. Technicians will educate and assist you in your installation of the child restraint. Please call the Washington Police Department's non-emergency number at (309) 444-2313 to schedule an appointment. A "check-up" normally takes one half-hour and parents and caregivers are asked to bring their owners manuals for both their vehicle and child restraint seat to the "check-up". Although not mandatory, parents and caregivers are also asked to bring the child using the seat to the "check-up" to ensure proper fit. Child restraints can also be installed for expectant families and newly purchased seats. Occasionally, the Washington Police Department may host Child Safety Seat Check-Up Events. These events are advertised locally and no appointments are required for these event days. Events are designed to educate the public and provide a community service. Events are usually held on a Saturday at a location within the City of Washington. A technician from the Washington Police Department will be on hand and will check your child restraint to make sure:

  • Your seat is installed correctly
  • Your seat has not been recalled
  • Your seat meets safety standards
  • Your seat is correct for your child

Parents and caregivers are again asked to bring their vehicle owner's manual, child restraint manual and child to the event. For further information please contact Officer Mike Brown or Dispatcher Becky Kumer at (309) 444-2313.

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